Finalized Calendar for 2016 - 2017 School Year

A Few Notes:

  1. Finalization of Locations:
    1. Many of our partners are not able to forecast facility availability a year in advance. Locations will be updated as they are confirmed. 
  2. First Eight Weeks Programming Dates:
    1. Some dates needed to be changed due to various partner district professional developments. Updated dates, times, and locations are below.
  3. Earlier Start Times:
    1. PD Saturdays now start at 8:30am. This allows us to extend all three blocks of programming to 90 minutes each. 
  4. Fall Semester Kick Off:
    1. Many of our partner schools begin teacher-facing professional development in late July/ early August. To accommodate this early start, we adjusted our Kick Off date.
  5. November PD Saturday:
    1. Veterans Day falls on a Friday this year, resulting in a 3 Day weekend for many schools. Because of this, we moved our PD to Saturday the 19th. We recognize that this is the Saturday before Thanksgiving Break, but we needed to make a compromise with schedules. 
  6. Retreat Options:
    1. We've expanded our retreat options so corps members can have more flexibility with the retreat style that fits their schedules and location preference. For both the 2015 and 2016 retreats, CMs can choose to stay local (and not overnight) or attend our overnight retreat at the Irvine Outdoor Ranch. 
  7. Spring Semester Kick Off:
    1. In order to convene as a group at the start of the Spring, we have scheduled the Kick Off for January 7th. This date might conflict with some Winter Breaks. We are unable to host the Kick Off the weekend after due to the MLK Holiday.