Missing Professional Development?

Below are the revised steps for making-up absences. 

  • STEP ONE: Review Policy
  • Absence Policy (Updated 10/20/16)
  • STEP TWO: Inform Us of Your Absence
  • Email John Stoneburner and your MTLD at least 2 weeks before your conflict.
  • STEP THREE: Select Make-Ups within 5 Days of Absence Email.
  • Complete columns I-K on this sheet.
  • John Stoneburner will confirm/approve all make-ups via email.
  • STEP FOUR: Upload Absence Documentation
  • Submit all absence documentation via attachments and send to the email below:
    • Instruc.t0gmfvkdq1kcekqc@u.box.com
  • STEP FIVE: Complete Make-Ups
  • Must complete within 60 calendar days
  • STEP SIX: Confirm Completion via Email
  • Email John Stoneburner once you have completed your make-ups.
  • Upload all Instructional Development documentation via attachements and send to the email below:
    • Absence.mvzp5xk4shu252x8@u.box.com
  • STEP SEVEN: Absence File Closed
  • Confirmation of Absence Progress is Tracked Here