AmeriCorps Overview



AmeriCorps is a program of the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), an independent federal agency whose mission is to improve lives, strengthen communities, and foster civic engagement through service and volunteering. 

Teach For America has been an AmeriCorps program since its inception in 1994.  Corps members who successfully serve as AmeriCorps members are eligible for loan forbearance, interest accrual payments, and a Segal Education Award. 

Check out this quick 3 minute video about AmeriCorps.



AmeriCorps is not guaranteed for all corps members. Membership is determined year-to-year, and is conditional on the completion of all of the required paperwork and action items. Below are some conditions of membership: 

  • AmeriCorps regulations require members to be a U.S. citizen, U.S. national, or lawful permanent resident alien.

  • All AmeriCorps members must undergo and clear a criminal history check.

  • AmeriCorps regulations limit members’ service to no more than four terms with an AmeriCorps National or AmeriCorps State Program.

Have you enrolled in AmeriCorps before? If you have previously served with an AmeriCorps program (Jumpstart, City Year, etc.), you may not be eligible for some benefits.

Please fill out the AmeriCorps Experience Form if you've been in the past. 



In order to fufill all of the AmeriCorps requirements, you will begin to work on some action items in the spring before you go to Institute. The bulk of enrollment requirements will be completed over the summer, and your first day of AmeriCorps service will begin on September 1st. Because this is a federal program, deadlines are very important. Failure to complete action items on time will make you ineligible to serve. Please refer to the timeline below to see how AmeriCorps will affect your first year of service. 


If you would like to learn more about AmeriCorps, please refer to this 2016-17 AmeriCorps FAQ form. If you have any other questions, please reach out to our AmeriCorps Manager at