Content Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

Content PLCs are designed to accelerate the instructional capacity of 1st and 2nd year novice teachers. Corps members will engage virtually sharing resources and best practices and 1st years will meet with other teachers in similar placements and a PLC Facilitator to build contextualized skills.  

All 2017 corps members are expected to attend Content PLCs for the 2017-2018 school year. Participation for 2016 corps members is optional, but highly encouraged. Content PLCs will meet three times each semester on weeknights (twice in-person and once virtually). In order to streamline support, we have collaborated with LMU to hold in-person Content PLCs instead of 1st year classes for the weeks that Content PLCs meet (see dates below).

PLC Dates & Locations for 2017-2018

Content PLC #1

  • Date: Monday, September 18th
  • Location: LMU- U-Hall and STR

Content PLC #2

  • Date: Monday, October 23rd
  • Location: LMU- U-Hall and STR

Content PLC #3

  • Date: Week of Nov 28 (day TBD depending on specific PLC)
  • Location: Virtual

Content PLC #4

  • Date: Monday, February 5th
  • Location: LMU- U-Hall and STR

Content PLC #5

  • Date: Week of March 5 (day TBD depending on specific PLC)
  • Location: Virtual

Content PLC #6

  • Date: Week of April 8 (day TBD depending on specific PLC)
  • Location: Virtual

Rules of Engagement

Engagement is differentiated for 2016s and 2017s:

2017s: WIll need to participate in 6 PLC sessions throughout the year- 3 per semester.  These sessions will be led by alums teaching the content and will either take the place of LMU classes that week or be done virtually.  Sessions will be a mix of direct skill building, practice and collaborative problem solving and will build on the core practices CMs learned at Institute and the content they are learning in their LMU classes.  CMs will also participate with virtual resources and communication.

2016s: Second year corps members are welcome (and encouraged!) to attend any sessions they want.  They will also engage virtually with the content resources hub which is a place to share favorite and relevant resources with the larger community and the Facebook group which creates a space for members to ask questions, share opportunities and celebrate each other and students

PLC Facilitators


We had a ton of amazing alumni express interest in facilitating sessions for us and we are extremely excited about the extensive knowledge and diverse perspectives we’ve hired. Between our alums we have over 71 years of experience teaching and leading in schools, we represent both district and charter schools across the LA landscape and come with a wealth of experience leading adults as TEA at Institute, grade team chairs, instructional coaches and more.

Content PLC Meeting #2 (In-person) 

Date: Mon, Oct | 5p-7p & 7:15p-9:15p

Location: LMU (University Hall & St. Roberts Hall) 

We are looking forward to continuing our Content PLC work with our facilitators next Monday, October 23rd and continuing to build on the skills and connections you started in the first PLC. If you have any questions about the following logistics, please reach out to Meg at


Monday Session: All sessions will take place in University Hall and St. Roberts Hall.  Gen Ed teachers will attend the Content PLC session in place of your Secondary or Elementary Literacy Class.  Special Educators will join the session they have chosen to continue their development.  There will be a staff member by both main entrances to answer any questions.  Here’s the time & room schedule:  



Middle School ELA                            Room: STR 239

HS ELA                                                Room: McIntosh (UH)

SPED RSP & Co-Teaching                 Room: UH 1775

Elementary1:  Gen Ed/SPED           Room: STR 358


Spanish & Social Studies                    Room: UH 1775

Secondary Science                             Room:  STR 239

Secondary Math                                  Room: McIntosh (UH)

Elementary 2: Gen ED                        Room: STR 358


Materials to Bring: All groups will be doing work around planning with the goal that you leave having made considerable progress working on a lesson plan.  Please bring all materials that will be necessary for you to do that, i.e. computer, class novel, text book, etc. If there is something more specific your facilitator would like you to bring they will let you know by Thursday 10/19. 

Food and Raffle: Food and snacks will be provided during sessions.  We will also be doing a raffle for each content group with a winner from each group taking home a great teaching resource.  We hope this will make your Monday a little brighter. J

Content Switches: If the content you teach has been changed or modified since the beginning of the year and you would like to attend an alternative content session going forward, please email Meg at by Thursday 10/19.


Note to 2016 Corps Members:

To help you decide whether you want to opt into any of the content sessions throughout the year, we will provide a description of what will be covered so you can prioritize sessions that align with your development.  You are welcome to attend all of sessions to continue learning from and contributing to the content communities.

October Session Topic: Teaching with an Instructional Goal in Mind

If you are looking to further develop in your ability to make strategic and nuanced decisions in your daily planning that will lead to strong student outcomes by the end of the lesson, we would love to have you.  During this session, CMs and facilitators will explore multiple examples of lesson plans and interrogate the decisions that teachers made to engage and support students to make progress to their instructional goal. To make sure that we can update facilitators and provide enough food and materials, confirm your attendance via our sign-up form:

2016 Content PLC sign up