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Your Credentialing Action Item Check List: 

In order to be eligible for hiring and be ready for the first day of school, you will need to complete the following list of Credentialing Action Items. All of these items are either required by the state of California, TFA LA, or by AmeriCorps. 

While a substantial list, don't be overwhelmed! We've supported hundreds of corps members in completing their action items and have designed a tailored time to optimize your onboarding experience. 

These items are not in sequential order. All items must be completed by TFA's deadlines or you will not be able to teach in the fall. Please remain flexible on action items, there are some action item deadlines that we can't predict so make sure to stay updated by reading the On-Ramp for changes. 


Credentialing Action Items: 

  1. The CSET
  2. CSET Pre-Work ( CSET Diagnostic & Webinar )
  3. The CBEST
  4. The U.S. Constitution Exam
  5. CCTC Fingerprinting (3 Total Actions) 
  6. Onboarding Orientation Webinar & Survey (Check the On-Ramp) 
  7. Setting Up Box Accounts
  8. AmeriCorps Criminal Background Check Form & Fingerprinting
  9. Hiring Webinar & Resume (TFA will supply a template in the spring) 
  10. Ordering 4 Degree Conferred Transcripts
  11. Special Education Modules (only for SpEd corps members)
  12. Attending TFA LA Induction (Updated Information Available in Dec 2017)
  13. Applying to LMU's Credentialing Program (Spring)
  14. Completing Your Institute Pre-Work (Several Parts; Available in the Spring)