You will have many responsibilities as a corps member and we want to provide the best digital tools and systems to help you track your progress, so you always know where you stand and how to prioritize your action items. 

Here's a breakdown of the digital tools you'll be using during onboarding. Review this section carefully as tech issues are common! 

Your Digital Tools

  1. This website will be your go-to hub for all information related to onboarding and all of your action items. Please bookmark this site and review it often!  
  2. The On-Ramp: You will also receive a bi-weekly newsletter that will serve to remind you of important deadlines, action item information, and regional happenings. Make sure you check your inbox every other Thursday evening to stay up-to-date. 
  3. LAINFO Mailbox: If you ever have questions or concerns about information communicated on the website or The On-Ramp, don't hesitate to email us at
  4. 2018 Corps Member Facebook Group: Join the rest of the 2018 corps in your own FB Group. Join Now. 
  5. Box Folder: Before you begin fulfilling your onboarding requirements, you will need to set up your Box account. If you’ve ever used DropBox to store files or pictures, Box is very similar. You will be using a private Box folder (not shared with the corps) to upload action items, such as testing and fingerprinting email confirmations, so both you and onboarding staff can ensure you are ready for the classroom (see "Links" below).
  6. Remind.Com: Remind.Com is the mass texting service we use to send important updates and reminders to incoming and current corps members. We’ve received feedback from corps members that they find texting incredibly helpful and this also cuts down on the number of emails you receive. We’ll automatically sign you up so keep an eye out for an initial text.
  7. Google Apps ID/Gmail Account: You will receive an email from with your new Google Apps ID/Gmail account ( This new email address will enable you to access a wide variety of resources later this year, including regional and institute information. Please make sure you have saved that email’s information and you are able to log in by taking the following steps:
    • Log in to and click on your name in the upper right corner to view your profile and find your Google Apps ID.
    • Navigate to “TFA Apps” in the upper right corner and choose the Google Apps for Education icon. You will be redirected to a new page where you can log in with your TFA Google Apps ID and the same password you use to log in to
    • You can also sign in to your Teach For America Google account at, using your Google Apps ID and the same password you use to access
    • For more resources on your TFA Google Apps account or for related tech support, visit the Google Apps Support Center. If you have questions, please reach out to tech support through this form.