Frequently Asked Questions



CCTC –  The CCTC is the California Commission on Teaching Credentialing which processes, issues, and reviews teaching credentials.

COC – This stands for Certificate of Clearance. A Certificate of Clearance is a document that verifies that the individual has met the Commissions “Professional Fitness” requirements. Individuals must obtain a Certificate of Clearance prior to beginning teaching.

LiveScan – A LiveScan is a type of fingerprinting that uses digital technology to take fingerprints instead of a paper/ink based system. LiveScan fingerprints can be sent electronically to the requesting agency.

LiveScan form – A LiveScan form is what you fill out and bring to your appointment. You will fill out most of the document and the LiveScan operator will fill out the bottom half to verify that the fingerprints have been completed.



Q: Where can I find a LiveScan location?

A: Locate a LiveScan facility near you by visiting this website:


Q: Where can I find the CCTC LiveScan form?

A: Download the CCTC LiveScan form from the CCTC website.


Q: Do I have to fill out the part where it asks me for an alias? Also, that is weird! Why would I have an alias?

 A: This is one of the many mysteries of the CCTC! There is no need to fill out that question :)


Q: I am not yet employed. Do I fill out the “Employer” section?

A: Please leave these fields blank. It is not required for the COC application.



Q: The application asks me about criminal misconducts on my record and I’m not sure how to answer the question. What should I do?

A: If you have ever been arrested, cited, or convicted of any crime even if it has been expunged it is important to that contact, if you have not done so already. We can help you determine how you should answer this question.


Q: I’m having trouble access the CCTC website in order to complete my COC application. What should I do?

A: To prevent problems in the application process, you must modify your web browser to “Always Allow Pop-ups from This Site” before entering CCTC Online. The CCTC Online is most compatible with a PC; it is recommended that you fill out the form using a PC if possible. You can try visiting a local library if you do not own or cannot borrow a PC. CCTC Online is incompatible with the Safari browser, including on the iPad. MAC users may access CTC Online using the web browsers Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.


Q: What does it mean if I submitted my COC application over a month ago and I still haven’t been granted a COC?

A: This can mean a variety of different things. Contact so we can work with you on your individual case.



Q: I am struggling to find the funds to pay for fingerprinting and my COC application. What should I do?

A: Definitely email and outline your individual circumstance. If you have applied and received your Transitional Grants and Loans award amount, please include that award amount in your email.


Q: It sounds like fees vary based on the individual LiveScan facility. How can I make sure that I’m not overpaying?

A: We would recommend contacting several LiveScan facilities near you to find the best deal. You can find contact information for each LiveScan facility by visiting this website:



Q: Do I need to worry about my fingerprints for my employer now?

A: No. Your focus should be on the fingerprinting and online Certificate of Clearance application needed for your credential. If you are hired prior to June, there is a possibility that the employer LiveScan form may be available and you can begin the employer LiveScan process. This, however, is rare as most employers do not have their LiveScan form available until the summer. Last year, the majority of our corps members completed their LiveScan fingerprinting on the weekends during Institute.


Q: Why can’t my employer use my CCTC fingerprint clearance for their background check instead of requiring that I get another set of fingerprints done?

 A: Unfortunately, according to state law, requesting agencies cannot share fingerprinting and background check results. Therefore, an employer cannot use the CCTC fingerprint clearance for their own purposes. Furthermore, our local districts require highly regulate this stipulation and a school can be audited and fined for not having their own LiveScan clearances.


If you have a question that has not been answered in this guide, feel free to email! We are happy to help :)