lmu credentialing




1. You will need to watch a brief video on the credential recommendation process

2. Pay for your credential fee as soon as you are recommended to secure your credential

3. Upload your payment receipt to your Box folder.



Your credential is not valid until you have paid your fee, and TFA, along with LMU and your hiring partner need to confirm that you've completed all required steps to receive your credential.



Summer 2018 - You will be recommended for your credential sometime in the summer and will receive more detailed information in the spring.



1. You will receive an email from LMU once you are recommended for your credential.* Be sure to check your spam or "promotions" folder. Follow the instructions in the email to pay for your credential.

*If you do not see your recommendation email: If you don't see an email, do not fear! Simply follow these steps to check your credentialing status online at ctc.ca.gov and pay for your credential.

2. Once you pay for the credential, you will receive an email with your payment confirmation. Upload the payment confirmation email to Box so we know you have completed this important step. The subject line will read "Payment Receipt for Credential." Screenshots of the email are fine.