Action items

Submit your Resume

  • Convert your current resume to this TFA Mandated Format
  • Use this Resume Toolkit to help craft your resume.
  • Upload your updated resume to your Box Folder under the following format: LastName.FirstName.Resume (ex. Othero.Leandro.Resume)


Check Box Folder for Resume Approval or Feedback & Edits

  • Once your resume is uploaded in the proper format, you will recieve a Box Comment that either Approves your Resume or provides Feedback & Edits
  • Resumes with Feedback & Edits need to make the provided revisions by the date outlined in the On-Ramp and your cohort timeline.
  • Approved Resumes will be granted access to the Hiring 101 Cornerstone Webinar 


LAUSD Cohort

If your'e apart of the LAUSD Cohort, check out the FAQs we put together below to help you out with the application:

Q: Apply as "Not Credentialed" or "University Intern”?

A: University Intern

Q: What do I put on the applicant overview tab?

A: On the Applicant Overview tab please answer: Hold or will qualify for a credential since you will be enrolled

Q: Credential/Teaching License Information?

A: Leave Blank

Q: What do I put under the heading "Teacher Certification Program"?

Under the Heading: Teacher Certification Program list 

a.       In Progress

b.       Alternative Certification

c.       TFA

Q: What do I put under the heading "Record of Educational and Professional Preparation?

A: Under the Heading: Record of Educational and Professional Preparation list LMU

Q: What about references?

A: In regards to references: References are required from any work and volunteer experiences within the last three years, regardless of whether or not the employment or volunteer experience is related to education. Upload contact information for the referents directly into the application.

Q: What if I am exempt from the CBEST?

A: If you have been waived from taking the CBEST, you can open the score report you sent to yourself and scan/upload OR provide an unofficial screenshot or copy via College Board, etc. Before you sign your contract at the end of summer, you will need to provide your hiring partner with an official copy of SAT/AP/ACT scores (doesn't have to be sealed).

Q: What about transcripts?

A: You can upload unofficial transcripts for the application only--please hang onto your official, sealed copy to give to your hiring partner when it's time to sign a contract.


* Please note that in order to be considered for interviews, you will need to submit your resume, watch the Hiring 101 Cornerstone Webinar, and be in good standing with credentialing action items (including but not limited to CSET passage and SpEd Module completion).