During spring hiring season, you will be hired by a specific school for a particular position (e.g., seventh grade English at Washington Middle School). In order to ensure a successful hiring experience for both you and your school, and to support you in making a profound impact in the classroom, we’ve established two main hiring priorities. 

We will work together to facilitate the hiring process and as a team have two priorities:

  1. Meet the specific human capital needs of our hiring partners (district, charter, ECE site).
  2. Ensure that you are hired by September 1st in a position that you would be qualified to teach.



Our first priority is to meet the specific needs of our hiring partners so that you have the best opportunity to impact the lives of your students. We maintain communication with partner schools and districts throughout the year to develop a clear sense of where the greatest human capital needs are and how you will play a critical role in dismantling educational inequity and closing the achievement gap. Partners’ specific needs for new teachers will often fluctuate throughout the year as teachers retire, change grade levels, or transfer to other campuses, and as school district budgets change.

Currently, there is a high demand among our hiring partners for teachers to fill these vacancies and you, along with your 2018 Corps colleagues, are excellent candidates for these opportunities. It is important to keep in mind, however, that other veteran, and in some cases, unionized teachers are also participating in Los Angeles’ education hiring pool at large.

Though you will most likely be hired for a position that matches your original assignment, it is possible that your position could change as a result of changing district, school, or site-level needs. For example, even if you were originally assigned to middle school, you may end up teaching high school. For this reason, we ask that you remain as flexible as possible during the hiring process.


Prioirty #2: YOUR ROLE in getting hired

As a leader in your corps experience, you have the opportunity to leverage your unique skills and leadership during the hiring process. A few important responsibilities you will take the lead on include:

1. Ensuring that you meet our state and district hiring requirements, including:

  • Preparing for, taking, and passing all required tests
  • Passing criminal/background checks
  • Submitting your degree-conferred transcripts to our office as soon as they are available
  • interviewing effectively with hiring managers

2. Creating a resume and profile that highlight your experience relevant to teaching and that will enable you to stand out during what can be a competitive process (you will receive more information about how to prepare your resume and profile after you have confirmed our offer)

3. Completing a thorough lesson plan study to help inform strong teaching practices and develop teaching mindsets around what constitutes a rigorous, culturally responsive classroom

4. Reading through all of the information in the hiring packet you will receive electronically after you have accepted our offer and completed the Hiring Curriculum

5. Reviewing all Los Angeles hiring materials and keeping on top of hiring-related deadlines

6. Preparing for interviews, which includes:

  • Researching the school, district and/or charter with whom you are interviewing
  • Speaking with current corps members and alumni working at the school and/or district
  • Practicing responding to commonly asked interview questions
  • Adapting to feedback from principals and regional staff members to improve interview skills



The hiring process and timeline is different in each region depending on the processes of our district and school partners. In Los Angeles most corps members are hired starting in early summer and throughout summer Institute during opportunities such as hiring fairs and school leader interviews.

100% of 2016 eligible Los Angeles corps members were hired by the first day of school. In the event you are not hired by the first day of school due to circumstances outside of your control, you would either be on district or placement partner payroll, or would be eligible to receive financial support from Teach For America.