Second year corps member, Joe Petty, reflects on his approach to SPED modules. 

SPED Module Action Items 

As a corps member you will receive ongoing support from your school site, your credential partner- Loyola Marymount University, and Teach for America. To begin that support now, and to meet the requirements of the state of California, CMs assigned to Special Education Multiple Subject/Bilingual will begin their credentialing pre-work during onboarding.


Before Institute: Special Education Modules

You will complete the following 3 actions between Feb 2018 - June 2018. 

  1. Pre-work: Complete Pre-Service Module In-Take Forms (instructions below)
  2. Complete 45 hours on English Language Learner Module (link is description)
  3. Complete 15 hours Special Education Pedagogy Module* (link is description)

*We are pleased to share that through the work of our regional Institute team, we have been able to reduce the number of special education pre-service modules from 60 hours to 15 hours.


During Institute: Complete pre-Service development

You will engage in the remainder of the pre-service development in-person during Institute. While this is still a large time commitment, the completion of these modules are essential to your ability to be recommended for a special education intern credential, as well as your preparedness at both institute and your school site. Failure to complete these modules by June 15, 2018 will delay your ability to be recommended for a credential and to start on time with your students. Please engage in the series of action steps below by March 1.


Module pre-work (before March 1)

1) Fill Out and Upload Pre-Service Modules In-Take Forms (15-30 minutes)

  • You will not have module access until you complete the forms. Filling out the module pre-work enrollment forms is a first step towards one of your credential requirements as a special educator. In order for LMU to cover the cost of the modules for each of you as corps members, we need the attached “participant orientation verification form” and the “intake information form filled out by hand and uploaded to your personal BOX folder by March 1st. As you read in the SpEd matriculation packet, these modules are of no cost to you at this time, LMU is covering the cost of the modules, so please ignore all payment information on the form.

  1. Fill out Form 1: participant orientation verification
    • Sign it by hand; no electronic signatures will be accepted

    • Upload a scanned copy to your personal Box folder

  2. Fill out Form 2: intake information form

    • Provide your current physical address and a gmail email address as your primary email; an edu email account can be your alternative email address. Edu email accounts will expire and we need to be transitioning over to gmail accounts for continuity over the next 2.5 years.

    • Upload a scanned copy to your personal Box folder

  3. Email Bianca at if you have any issues; View our example forms for additional reference. Thank you!


2) Mark the following Pre-Service Module Deadlines in Your Calendar (10 min)

There will be rolling deadlines to complete your module pre-work depending on when you were admitted to the corps. ACTION STEP For CMs pursuing a Special Education Multiple Subject/Bilingual credential, mark the following deadlines in your calendar:

  • Feb 15:  On-Ramp email in SpEd module registration forms
  • March 1: The SpEd modules registration forms 1 and form 2 are due. Expect to have access to the online module portal within a week
  • March 15: Make progress on SPED Pedagogy modules
  • April 1: The 15-hour SPED Pedagogy modules (three sessions) are due
  • April 15: Make progress on ELL modules (sessions 1-4)
  • May 1ELL modules sessions 1-4 are due
  • May 15: Make progress on ELL modules (session 5-8)
  • June 1ELL modules sessions 5-8 are due
  • June 15: Hard Deadline: The 15-hour SpEd Pedagogy and 45- hour ELL modules are due.
    • ACTION STEP: One you get the “completed” email from your online professor, upload a screen shot of that as proof of completion to your on-boarding folder. The email must state that you are completely finished with each module. No other documentation will be accepted.

Please note: while you will be able to interview for teaching positions, your job offers are contingent on your successful completion of these pre-service modules by this date.


A Note on Module Completion: 

The modules need to be completed by June 15th, so a prompt start on the modules is expected. If you are not completed with the modules on the deadline cited in red above, you will be placed on a credential readiness support plan as your ability to be credential ready will be in jeopardy. In the past we have had some challenges with CMs using each others work and/or rushing through work in a hurry to get it done. Please follow our timelines and stay on top of this credential requirement. I want to stress here that plagiarism of any kind is unacceptable and will result in further action. You can collaborate with peers, but plagiarism of your peers materials will be penalized.  
Please expect to hear more details about the modules from Bianca Nepales in the On-Ramp. Additionally, you can always reach out to her at for 1:1 consultation or help or general questions. The module cost is covered upfront by LMU so it is of no cost to you at this time; please do not budget for this as the cost is taken care of.