2018 Flight Reimbursement Instructions & Policy



In order to receive a flight reimbursement for Induction, you will need to complete the four reimbursement items below and send them to Eddy BEFORE Induction weekend. You will send everything to lainfo@teachforamerica.org and Eddy will process your reimbursement check with our national team. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Timeline: You will receive your reimbursement 2-4 weeks after you submit all of the items below via a check.

  • Order of Completion: You can complete items 1-3 now in order to start the reimbursement process. Item 4 will be submitted after your induction weekend. You can receive your reimbursement before you complete item 4.  

  • Reimbursement Maximums: Please review the reimbursement maximums below to ensure your flight is within the price frame. We can only reimburse the maximum amount so you are responsible for costs that exceed that amount.

  • Reimbursement Forms: Locate all required items in the 2018 Flight Reimbursement Folder.

  • Questions: Direct everything to me Eddy at the email above.


The 4 Reimbursement Items:

  1. Itemized Flight Receipt: We will need a copy of your flight receipt email that contains the total amount you paid for the flight in addition to the payment method used (this is the last 4 digits of your credit card number). Please note: we do not need your flight itinerary; we need the total cost & payment method.

  2. Completed Corps Member Reimbursement Form: You will need to print and fill out all the sections highlighted in red in the Corps Member Reimbursement Form. Some notes:

    1. The Remit Address is the address where you want the check shipped, not (necessarily) your home address. Plan accordingly.

    2. Real Signature: You will need to provide an original (or “real”) signature on the form in order for it to be valid (no e-signatures).

    3. Scanning & Legibility: Once complete, please scan the signed form and send it back to us. If you don’t have a scanner, take a picture of the form, but make sure everything is clear and legible (or you will have to re-send).

  3. Completed W-9 Form: Fill out sections 1, 3, 5, 6, Part I, and Part II.

    1. Section 3: Mark  Individual.

    2. Real Signature: Like above, this needs to be signed via hand.

    3. Blank W-9 Form

  4. Your Boarding Passes: You will need to provide the boarding pass for your flight to LA and the boarding pass for your flight back home (2 total). You can snap a pic of the passes and email/text them to me.  You can submit these after Induction.


Reimbursement Maximums:

  • Short Airfare Round Trip (<2 hours): $200 Max Reimbursement

  • Average Airfare Round Trip (<3 hours/1,500 miles): $328 Max Reimbursement

  • Long Airfare Round Trip (>3 hours/1,500 miles): $451 Max Reimbursement



Retreats are a hallmark of our corps programming, and we believe in investing time and resources into each of the three retreats our corps members participate in throughout their corps experience. Outside of payroll and facilities, retreats are the largest expense item for our region. To ensure we operate as excellent stewards of organization resources, we ask all corps members to adhere to our retreat reimbursement policy.

  • Corps members who confirm participation in February or April retreats will be provided transportation, meals, and lodging.
  • Corps members who confirm their retreat participation but do not attend the retreat will be responsible for reimbursing Teach For America Los Angeles the full cost of their retreat participation. 
  • Corps members who confirm bus ridership but actually drive/carpool will be responsible for reimbursing Teach For America Los Angeles for each missed segment of the trip. 
  • Corps members are exempt from reimbursement policy if they meet the requirements for an excused absence detailed in the Attendance Policy.
  • Absence status (excused or unexcused) is decided by the Managing Director of Experience Design, and the Executive Director when necessary.
  • Corps members who confirm they will not attend a retreat at least 20 calendar days prior to the actual retreat are exempt from any reimbursement charges.