Fall Semester Kickoff is an opportunity for the Teach For America Los Angeles Community to launch into the new semester and year together. Our hope for the Fall Semester Kick Off is to galvanize our corps community so that we can more clearly see the incredible work we have accomplished and build clarity and focus on the work that lies ahead for the 2016 - 2017 School Year.

Outcomes for the day:

  1. Starting strong:

    • Starting the school year with a compelling vision, strong instructional plans, and a supportive classroom culture matters deeply to students. We center our work on the Foundational Tools & Skills that will help you achieve strong results with your students during the First Eight Weeks of School. 

    • We will have an opportunity to hear from our Executive Director and our regional vision and goals. We will also work with others to clarify our visions and the steps necessary to achieve our visions.

  3. The Community is Us:

    • We have an opportunity to build our understanding that TFA Los Angeles is the people working alongside us as corps members, alumni, and staff.
  4. Our Voices Matter:

    • We will leave feeling like our identity and our personal vision for our classrooms are valid and necessary for our collective work.
  5. Tell the Story:

    • We will reconnect with the purpose and meaning behind monitoring student achievement and the broader outcomes.
  6. MTLD Partnership Clarity:

    • We will have clarity regarding our individual interactions with our MTLD this quarter (and possibly semester).
  7. Sense of Possibility:

    • We will leave feeling inspired to take on this work as individuals and members of a larger community.