As we shared at the start of the school year, portfolios are our way of telling a complex story about our students. We primarily use these portfolios as the central data source for our Praxis process. We also use the stories and data points as counter-stories to the narrative that persists in our educational landscape. 

Portfolio Guidelines: 

  • Portfolios are imperfect collections of artifacts that tell elements of a complex process. 
  • Portfolios shed light on growth, loss, and stagnation. 
  • Portfolios give insights into truths, but are not truths themselves. 
  • Stories that come from portfolios are influenced by the story-teller, and thus are subjective. 
  • Portfolios are valuable tools used to inform instruction and fuel reflections. 
  • All corps members are expected to have a Portfolio that reflects the fullness of their vision. We think for many, this might be the Broader Outcomes. 
  • Portfolios are uploaded by CMs quarterly. 

The Portfolio Process: 

Vision and Portfolio Sharing Expectations: 
Your D/MTLD will work with you to ensure your students are progressing towards your classroom academic goal and holistic vision. Given our investment in your students’ progress as well as yours, we expect that you will share your vision and portfolio on a regular basis. Depending upon your school’s assessment timeline, you should plan to provide an update at least quarterly with your most recent portfolio artifacts and your reflections on progress, opportunities, and necessary support. You will work with your D/MTLD to ensure your artifacts (assessments, student work samples, etc.) are rigorous and accurately measure your students’ performance on par with or above grade level standards. Regional portfolio upload dates are as follows: