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Dec 8 | Complete the Accommodations Request Form (optional)
Teach For America strives to offer reasonable accommodations for corps members with disabilities during institute. Please use the form linked below to let us know if you have a disability that will impact your housing, mobility, medically-dictated dietary needs (i.e., diabetes, severe allergies), engagement with instructional materials during institute, etc. Our Disabilities Accommodations Office and summer training staff will follow up with corps members who request an accommodation. Please note that you may need to complete and upload additional medical documentation after you submit your request. In order to submit an accommodations request, we ask that you complete the 2018 Accommodations Request Form by 12/8/2017 so we have ample time to follow up on the needs you indicate in the survey. While we ask that corps members complete the survey by this deadline, the survey is open to corps members until May in case additional accommodation requests need to be submitted. Please note: We will collect information about non medically-dictated dietary needs (e.g., halal, kosher, vegan) this spring.