How to fingerprint for the CCTC

(California Commission on Teacher Credentialing) 


3 Actions

All 2018 corps members will need to fingerprint in a facility in California. For those of you who are out-of-state, you will fingerprint during the Induction you attend. We highly advise that you register for the earliest Induction you can to complete this action item as soon as possible.

If you have anything on your record even if expunged or cleared, please email right away. There could be delays with your fingerprinting so we want to work together and discuss your timeline.

There are 3 Different Actions you will need to take to complete your fingerprinting action item. If you do not complete all 3 steps, you will not be cleared by the CCTC. 


Action One: Fingerprint

1. Find a Facility: Locate a LiveScan facility in California by visiting the LiveScan location finder. You will notice that there are some facilities that are open on the weekend or at later hours.

Tip: AVOID UPS STORES. In the past they have done fingerprints incorrectly.  If you are struggling to find a facility, please email

2. Call & Confirm: Call ahead to book a fingerprinting appointment. At this time you should also verify the price for the fingerprints and inquire about payment options (some facilities only take cash).

3. Print & Complete Required Forms: Download the CCTC LiveScan form and print out 3 copies. Fill them out with the following information:

i. Enter the required information in the 3rd box. You do not need to provide a “Misc. No. BIL” number

ii. Leave the 4th box blank

iii. Leave the 5th box blank

5. What to Bring to Your Appointment: On the day of your appointment, bring the 3 completed LiveScan forms, your driver’s license, and payment to the LiveScan facility.

6. During: During your appointment the LiveScan operator will should take your fingerprints and fill out all three forms. They should also take one form to keep.

7. Keep 1 Form, Mail 1 Form: After your appointment:

a. Keep one CCTC form for your records and put it in safe place – this is super important in case any problems arise with your fingerprints.

b. Mail the other form to Attn: Kaelan Connella, 606 South Olive, Suite 300, Los Angeles, CA 90014.



Action Two:  Complete your Certificate of Clearance Application

A Certificate of Clearance is a document that verifies that the individual has completed the Commission's fingerprint and character and identification process. Individuals must obtain a Certificate of Clearance prior to beginning teaching. Because it can take up to 3 months for the COC process, it is important you complete this process very soon after fingerprinting.

1. Visit Website: Go to the CCTC Online Application website and click on “Certificate of Clearance (COC)” to apply for your Certificate of Clearance

2. Read Instructions: Watch the video or read the online application instructions to help you navigate the site

3. Complete & Submit Application: Follow the directions to complete your Certificate of Clearance Application

**When completing the application, make sure you select “Certificate of Clearance”  and NOT “Teaching Credential” from the dropdown box.**

4. Upload Email to Box: After you submit your application, you should receive an email that says “CTC Web Application Received Email.” Double check that the document listed in the email is “Certificate of Clearance” and then upload to your Box folder.

5. Check on Your Application Status: Look up your CCTC profile weekly to view the status of your application. To find your CCTC profile, visit the look up site, choose “secured search” and type in your social security number and birth date.


If you receive an error message, you may have filled out your COC application incorrectly. Contact for immediate assistance.

When Your Acquire Your Certificate of Clearance


Action 3: Upload Certificate to Box

1. Upload: Once your COC has posted on your CCTC profile, you will soon receive an email with the subject line “Certificate of Clearance” granted. Please upload this email to Box.


Fingerprinting for AmeriCorps

You will also need to fingerprint for AmeriCorps, as different agencies are not allowed to share background check information per California law. This process is slightly different and is free. The date these are due is TBA, so you will receive more information in the spring. For information on what the process looked like last year, check out the 2016-2017 AmeriCorps FBI Fingerprint Instructions.