PD Saturday 2: October
8:30am - 1:30pm

What happens at PD Saturdays?

Our goal with Professional Development Saturdays (PD Saturdays) is to provide corps members with the opportunity to come together as a community to deepen relationships, grow their instructional capacity, and sustain their efforts as leaders in their classroom, school, and community. Again for PD Saturday 2, we're taking our Tiered Development to Scale for Broader Outcomes  & Teacher Development Support. Check out the details below. We will also continue to run DEI Series & Trauma Informed & Compassionate Classrooms.

Tiered development for broader outcomes:

Working in the second largest city in the United States and a stronghold for educational innovation means that corps members have access to a variety of rich professional development opportunities. In an effort to reduce redundancy and expedite corps member development, we have a responsibility to differentiate the support our corps members receive. Since we put a premium on “getting the right folks in the door,” we operate with a high level of confidence in the capacity of our teachers. That being said, we know they still need and deserve strong development. As a result, we've created three tiers of support for our corps members:

Tier 1: Whole Corps (Open Space Technology)

  • WHO: CMs who have clarity on their visions, broader outcomes, and areas for their own growth. They are positioned to work collaboratively with their peers in an independent space, determining their own outcomes and next steps.
  • WHAT: Engagement with peers/self in way that moves them forward in their practice, as it relates to the Broad Outcomes.

Tier 2: Targeted Small Groups

  • WHO: CMs who, if given an opportunity to practice/learn a new skill, will move forward substantially in their practice. These CMs will likely thrive with an additional level of support from an expert facilitator. 
  • WHAT: Acquisition of new, specific set of skills that can be implemented "On Monday" that will help the CM move forward in their practice AND with student outcomes.

Tier 3: Intensive Individual Support

  • WHO: CMs who need intensive support (instructional/personal) and will not progress in Tier I or Tier II. 
  • WHAT: Individualized support that results in the  follow-up intervention plan/individualized support to increase effectiveness.

DEI Series: 

Coming soon.

Self-care & Trauma informed practices

Coming soon.