Phoenix Institute ACTION ITEMS

Please note: all action items listed below are listed on the Phoenix Institute Hub (please review below).

1. (Required) Phoenix Institute Hub Now Live! <Review by 2/24>

If you are attending Phoenix Institute, you now have access to the Phoenix Institute Hub. Please review the hub carefully no later than Feb 24 so you are aware of action items and expectations headed into Institute. Pay careful attention to the Phoenix Institute Preparation Checklist within the Preparation Packet linked on the homepage, as it contains important action items. Having trouble accessing the Hub? Check out action item #3 below for tips on using your Google Apps ID.

2. (Required) Personal Information Form <Due 4/17>

Complete the Personal Information Form to pre-register for institute. This form will take 30 minutes to complete. If you have any questions or concerns not covered in this form, please email us at You will need to use the password you received from your region to complete the Personal Information Form (PIF). This password will be sent to you via the February 26 On-Ramp (ie: TFA1234567). Note: Corps members accepted on April 7th will be notified with explicit directions to complete the PIF once regional assignments are released between April 21st through May 1st.

3. (Optional) for all Phoenix Institute corps members (CMs): Spring Office Hours

Hold time on your calendar to attend the institute Spring Office Hours to get answers to your questions about institute. Simply click the link below to join!

·       Saturday, March 18th - 9am PT to 10am PT. Zoom link:

·       Wednesday, April 12th- 5pm PT to 6pm PT. Zoom link:

·       Saturday, May 13th - 9am PT to 10am PT. Zoom link:

4. (Optional) for CMs with dependents: Meet + Greet Spring Calls

Hold time on your calendar to attend the CMs with Families + Dependents: Phoenix Institute Meet + Greet Spring Calls. Simply click the link below to join!

·       Saturday, March 18th - 10am PT to 11am PT. Zoom link:

·       Wednesday, April 12th- 6pm PT to 7pm PT. Zoom link:

·       Saturday, May 13th - 10am PT to 11am PT. Zoom link:

5. (Required) GOOGLE APPS ID

You will receive an email from with your new Google Apps ID/Gmail account ( This new email address will enable you to access a wide variety of resources later this year, including regional and institute information. Please make sure you have saved that email’s information and you are able to log in by taking the following steps:

1.      Log in to and click on your name in the upper right corner to view your profile and find your Google Apps ID.

2.      Navigate to “TFA Apps” in the upper right corner and choose the Google Apps for Education icon. You will be redirected to a new page where you can log in with your TFA Google Apps ID and the same password you use to log in to

3.      You can also sign in to your Teach For America Google account at, using your Google Apps ID and the same password you use to access

For more resources on your TFA Google Apps account or for related tech support, visit the Google Apps Support Center. If you have questions, please email

6. (Optional) Complete the Accommodations Request Form

Teach For America strives to offer reasonable accommodations for corps members with disabilities during institute. Please use the form linked below to let us know if you have a disability that will impact your housing, mobility, medically-dictated dietary needs (i.e., diabetes), engagement with instructional materials during institute, etc. Our Disabilities Accommodations Office and summer training staff will follow up with corps members who request an accommodation. Please note that you may need to complete and upload additional medical documentation after you submit your request.

In order to submit an accommodations request, we ask that you complete the Accommodations Request Form by 12/9 for Fall Cohort, 1/6 for Winter Cohort so we have ample time to follow up on the accommodation needs you indicate in the survey. While we ask that corps members complete the survey by this deadline, the survey is open to corps members throughout the year in case additional accommodation requests need to be submitted.

Please note: We will collect information about non medically-dictated dietary needs (e.g., halal, kosher, vegan) this spring.

7. (Optional): Purchase a parking pass for any car that will stay at ASU’s campus (there is no free parking on campus).

8. (Required) Submit records of your MMR immunizations to no later than May 15th

·       Arizona State University requires all corps members working and living at the Phoenix institute to provide proof of having had two Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccinations after 1980. This may be provided in one of two ways:

·   If you have your records: provide a copy of official immunization records from a doctor or educational institution

·   If you do not have your records: Request a physician to perform a blood test (Rubella titer) to confirm the presence of Rubeola, then send an official letter from a doctor as verification

·       Ensure the document includes the following:

  • full name
  • date of birth
  • contact phone number

9. (Optional) CM Leave Request from Institute

Submit an Institute Leave Request if you are seeking approval to miss one day of institute between Monday, June 5th and Thursday, July 6th (inclusive of Thursday, July 6th). Review the Attendance Policy for Institutes. Please note that submissions are considered requests, and approval by email is required from the Institute Management Team.

3. (Optional) Need-Based Transitional Funding

You will receive more detailed information in the spring