If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with them… the people who give you their food give you their heart
— Cesar Chavez


What is the Rising School Leaders Dinner Series?

The heart of Teach For America is its people, and with more than 2,500 alumni living and working in Los Angeles, our network is bigger and more influential than ever!

The Rising School Leaders Dinner Series is an opportunity for you to connect directly with alumni school leaders to learn more about their transition from the classroom to admin roles and to gain access to mentorship on how to prepare to take this next step in your career.

School Leaders will host dinners in their homes to answer your questions about school leadership and share their experience in an authentic and informal setting. There will be 3 different dinners lead by leaders from Alliance, Green Dot, and KIPP. 

When are the dinners?

We will host 3 dinners in 2018. There will be two in February and one in March. 

Can I attend more than one dinner?

Yes! You can sign up for one or multiple dinners. 

Who should I contact if I have questions?

While each dinner is uniquely managed and hosted by school leaders, if you do have questions regarding the series please email Kathryn Anderson at kathryn.anderson@teachforamerica.org 

How do I register for a dinner?

RSVP For a Dinner Now!