What is Real Time Coaching?

The Center for Transformative Teacher Training (www.cttt.com) developed the uniquely new approach to coaching that utilizes bug-in-the-ear technology enabling coaches to provide immediate feedback to teachers in a non-distracting manner. Coaches are trained in the unique protocols that significantly increase their ability to help teachers master the classroom management skills needed to increase student achievement.

Unlike any conventional coaching model, the Real Time Teacher Coaching Model delivers feedback at the point of instruction that is instantly applicable. Teachers experience unprecedented guidance and support while coaches have a unique opportunity to positively impact the teachers’ classroom performance. 

The Real Time Teacher Coaching Model Involves: 

  • Immediate, non-distracting feedback to teachers using wireless “bug-in-the-ear” technology
  •  Instant feedback on application of research-validated classroom management and instructional strategies with real-time opportunities to course-correct
  • Reflective discussion on the teachers’ classroom performance
  • This breakthrough model enables coaches to dramatically impact teachers’ classroom performance in days and weeks, not months and years. 

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Your Coaches

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Jasmine Banks (Phoenix 2010)

My name is Jasmine Banks and I am currently an MTLD for our Los Angeles corps members teaching special education. I grew up in Southern California; specifically in the Inland Empire.  I was a 2010 Phoenix corps member and taught K-4th grade resource special education. I stayed at my placement school for four years and then transitioned to joining the Teach for America staff in Las Vegas as an MTLD for special education corps members. I stayed there for two years and decided this past summer to come back to my home state of California to complete my life’s work and passion  in the place that has forever held my heart.


Mary Ashley Federer (Phoenix 2012)

My name is Mary Ashley Federer and I am currently an MTLD for our LA corps members. While I grew up all over the country I consider Arizona my home. As a result, after college I ended up taking a job teaching in Phoenix.  During my time as a Phoenix corps member I taught 6th grade English and fell in love with teaching. I decided to stay at my placement school and over the years I looped up to 7th and 8th grade teaching American History, Psychology, and everything in between. It was during that time that I had the amazing opportunity to be a CMA at TFA's Phoenix Institute three summers in a row. Through that experience I discovered my passion for coaching teachers and joined Teach for America LA to pursue that passion as an MTLD and Real Time Coach.