Now that you've completed the Special Education Foundations training, here are the support systems & the resources you can use during the Fall Semester. 

SPED Support for Fall Semester

Here’s what support you can access this semester to build your instructional capacity:

  • Engage in LMU classes beginning next week (weekly).
  • Learn from your LMU fieldwork supervisor who can support you with IEPs and lesson planning (6+ visits/semester).
  • Participate in coaching with your MTLD (minimum 2 coaching engagements/semester)
  • Reach out to Bianca for IEP support and special education specific questions (as needed)
  • Collaborate with your personally assigned veteran educator in your Professional Learning Network (as needed)
  • Train with your Content PLC (Sept. 18, week of Oct. 23, week of Nov. 27 for Fall semester)