Testing overview


In order for you to begin teaching next fall you must complete a series of tests that will prepare you for entering the teaching profession.

Per state law, if you do not take and pass the required tests, you will not be able to be hired by a Los Angeles school district or charter. 

The earlier you pass your exams and complete your other credentialing action items, the earlier you can clear your plate and engage in early hiring

This page will give you an overview of the required tests. Use the navigation bar to your left to view registration instructions and content resources.


The 3 Tests


1. CSET (California Subject EXAMINATIONS for Teachers)

The CSET is the extremely rigorous subject-matter competency test for the state of California . California has the most difficult subject-matter competency tests in the nation, so studying for the CSET must be a priority during the six weeks immediately following your confirmation of our offer.

Historically, the biggest predictor of CSET passage is study time logged. Corps members who studied a total of 60 hours or more for the exam (roughly 10 hours a week) and began studying immediately upon confirmation of their offer, were most likely to pass the exam on their first attempt.

The CSET you take matches your teaching assignment. All CSETs are offered at computer-based testing centers around the country. Corps members must show progress toward passing on the CSET in order to be eligible for hiring.

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Review CSET Resources


2. CBEST (California Basic Educational Skills Test)

The CBEST is California’s basic skills and content knowledge test that tests math, reading comprehension, and writing skills. Most corps members find that CBEST requires less study time, however, we have seen corps members struggle with this exam. The CBEST is offered at computer-based testing centers around the country.

Before registering to take the CBEST exam, Save time and money by checking if you qualify for a Test Exemption. Requirements for an exemption can be found in the link below. 

Learn How to Register OR Apply for an Exemption


3. Constitution Exam

In order to teach in the state of California, you must prove competency in the U.S. Constitution. You will take the US Constitution exam from a home computer. Your credential will not be filed without the US Constitution requirement.

Corps members may be eligible for a Constitution Exam exemption if they have taken coursework covering the US Constitution.

Learn How to Register OR Apply for an Exemption

What to Expect

While we will recommend resources for you to use in order to prepare for your test and to assist you in the registration process, it is ultimately your responsibility to take and pass all of your exams by the communicated deadline. 

Those who do not receive passing scores on the required tests by June 2018 will be unable to teach in Los Angeles and may need to request a deferral to join the 2018 corps. 

For this reason, we require that you adhere to the testing schedule outlined in this packet and begin preparing now. California state tests, specifically the CSET, are extremely rigorous and will require significant study time.

We have found that when corps members have planned ahead, stayed in communication with staff, and prepared adequately, are able to pass these exams.