Founding Teachers | Paragon Academy

About Paragon Academy

Paragon Academy is a new TK/Kinder – 8th grade charter school in Compton, CA. We will open in August 2018 with TK/Kinder and 1st grade, growing one year until we are at capacity with 8th grade in 2025-26.

We balance structure and zest in an intentional culture designed to ensure all children are college and career ready from day one. We hold high expectations for ourselves as a staff and leadership team, as well as for our scholars. One of our core tenets is ‘College starts in Kindergarten,’ and we have an unequivocal belief that all students regardless of race, ethnicity, zip code, or socio-economic status deserve an excellent education. We also ‘Lead with Urgency,’ another core tenet. Time is a non-renewable resource. Our scholars have but a single year in each grade. They cannot afford for us to take our time or for change to come at an incremental pace. We seek instructional leaders and staff that believe the same.

Our Mission

Within a structured, ambitious, and supportive community, driven by academic excellence for all children, Paragon Academy of Compton educates students for academic success, college readiness, and a life of opportunity.

About the Role

Founding Teachers are full-time teaching positions for TK/Kindergarten or 1st grade. Each teacher is responsible for lead teaching and collaborating with the Literacy Teacher during the daily literacy block. Teachers are responsible for collaboration with their grade level partner, particularly for alignment of lesson planning, instructional planning, and classroom management. Founding Teachers take responsibility for the high-academic achievement and character development of every child in her/his classroom. Each grade consists of two cohort classrooms that work collaboratively with a Literacy Teacher for student success.

Founding Teachers are accountable for the creation of strong, intentional instructional plans, embodying our core tenant ‘It Takes a Village’ by building strong, positive relationships with scholars and families, using data to drive instruction and individualized support, and actively engage in collaboration with colleagues and professional development to improve their practices and skills.

Founding Teachers participate in a four-week Summer Staff Development, weekly Professional Development sessions, and Professional Development and Data Days throughout the year, for a total of 35 days of development. Founding Teachers work closely with the Executive Director and will be a part of a hard-working, mission-driven team of educators.

Essential Functions

  • Create and manage a classroom culture that is fiercely positive and devotes the majority of time to instruction rather than discipline
  • Instill a joy of learning in students and work to develop self-motivated and self-monitoring learners with the skills to set, monitor, and meet goals
  • Establish relationships with students’ families, cultivating learning environments for our students in and out of the classroom
  • Develop a strong relationship with and contribute to the development of fellow teachers
  • Plan, implement, and execute engaging, rigorous, and standards-aligned instruction that ensures all students master content and are at or above grade level
  • Assess students regularly and strategically, both informally and formally
  • Enforce and support schoolwide and classroom expectations that ensure a consistent, structured, supportive community and a strongly managed classroom
  • Work collaboratively with Executive Director, school leadership team, and entire school staff toward mission
  • Cultivate positive, collaborative relationships with families and communicate habitually with families/parents through schedule (i.e., weekly newsletters, Sunshine calls) and unscheduled means; demonstrate humility, professionalism, and alignment to mission in all communication
  • Assesses and evaluates student growth; action plans on class-wide, group-wide and individual basis in response to student data
  • Engage in weekly observations and coaching feedback sessions to improve practice
  • Actively participate in regular Professional Development, including Summer Staff Development, weekly Grade Level Team Meetings, and ongoing Whole Team Professional Development
  • Complete other tasks as directed by Executive Director and/or leadership team members


  • Willingness to place student achievement as highest goal
  • Outstanding classroom management that relies on positive, proactive reinforcement of high behavioral standards
  • Demonstrate emotional constancy, system and procedural consistency, and intentional calmness and positivity
  • Self-reflective, with a drive to continually grow as a teacher
  • Strong relationship builder with students, families, and other staff members
  • Ability to work collaboratively and in a team-orientated environment
  • Critical thinker with ability to analyze data and adjust plans to improve student achievement
  • Growth mindset and ability to accept and implement feedback
  • Willingness to work hard and the flexibility to work through start-up challenges
  • Demonstrated leadership skills, highly organized and efficient, self-motivated
  • Consistently model Paragon Academy’s core values (We are Audacious, Brilliant, Curious, Determined. We have Zest, Integrity, Purpose.)
  • Culture fit: Fiercely positive, Hard-working, Intelligent, Team oriented, Organized, Sense of humor, Belief in the power of education, Humble, Self-directed, Goal-oriented, Enthusiastic, Reflective and responsive to feedback


  • Bachelor’s degree is required. Master’s degree is preferred.Minimum two-years of teaching in an urban school and/or low-income community, preferred
  • Valid California Teaching Certification required
  • ESL Certification is preferred but not required
  • TB clearance
  • Background check clearance
  • Bilingual (English and Spanish) is preferred
  • Belief in and alignment with Paragon Academy’s mission, core tenets, and educational philosophy is required

Salary and Benefits

Paragon Academy offers a competitive salary, comprehensive health benefits, and retirement benefits.