Recruitment Manager | Teach For America

About Teach For America

Teach For America’s Recruitment Team (RT) is charged to recruit an outstanding and diverse corps of leaders to expand opportunity and access for all children, fueling the broader movement towards educational equity across our 53 placement regions. In this pursuit, the Recruitment Team engages with leaders across college campuses and professional career sectors to discuss the challenges of educational inequity in the USA and recruit promising leaders to choose the corps as a means of expanding opportunities for kids and building a long-term commitment to educational equity. The team identifies and inspires thousands of potential corps members on college campuses and from multiple career sectors to apply to and join Teach For America—fueling the political, social, and economic future of this country.

About the Position

Teach For America seeks Recruitment Managers (RMs) who will compel top leaders to join Teach For America and contribute to the movement for educational equity in communities across our country. As a Recruitment Manager, you will create visions and strategic plans for your campaigns, identify and cultivate diverse top prospects to act, and inspire a broad network of constituents to build a large, diverse, and talented corps. You will be on the front lines of the Recruitment Team’s undeniably consequential work, fueling TFA’s theory of systemic change and the broader movement for educational equity across the nation. Aligned with the Recruitment Team’s deep conviction around leadership, you will receive extensive training, ongoing coaching, and professional development to innovate and achieve success.

Recruitment Managers are responsible for:

  • Setting a bold vision and direction for an ambitious campaign to inspire, enlist, mobilize extraordinary, diverse future leaders - people who have massive leadership potential and are on a trajectory to be leaders and influencers in our society - to become Teach For America corps members and join the movement for educational equity
  • Building, developing, and cultivating strong relationships and networks - both internally and externally - to advance the recruitment campaign. Influence candidates, external stakeholders, and internal partners to achieve bold outcomes.
  • Working across teams to plan, execute, and improve strategy, using data-based tools to identify gaps, patterns, and opportunities within campaigns and develop solutions to achieve outcomes.

A strong RM candidate:

  • Demonstrates a deep conviction to Teach For America’s mission, approach, and commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness.
  • Acts strategically, using data to make timely and informed decisions to prioritize actions that matter and have the greatest impact on campaign effectiveness
  • Possesses orientation around attaining ambitious goals and have a strong track record of achievement, and drive to continually strive to increase impact.
  • Builds relationships and communicates clearly, compellingly, and strategically (both verbally and written) across lines of difference and in multiple contexts - 1:1, small groups, large audiences.

RMs spend their time... 

  • Engaging with TFA corps candidates, at different stages of the applicant continuum, virtually and in person.
  • Engaging with influencers in campus community (career service offices, professors, etc.)
  • Planning and executing events (classroom visits, career fairs, panel discussions, dinners, and happy hours).
  • Mobilizing TFA alumni in your recruitment campaign.
  • Managing and coaching a team of on-campus interns (Campus Campaign Coordinators and Ambassadors).
  • Planning and executing TFA marketing and brand awareness strategy
  • Coordinating with local TFA Regional team, investing them in recruitment campaign.
  • Collaborating with recruitment teammates on campaign strategy and execution.
    Analyzing recruitment campaign data, and using it as a foundation for strategic decision-making and addressing
  • opportunities and solve problems.
  • Evaluating corps applications and interviewing candidates.

Commitment to our People

We bring incredible leaders onto our team, challenge and support them to achieve ambitious goals—and reward them when they do. We provide all new hires with four full weeks of initial training, managers who are talented coaches, and a robust ecosystem of data analytics, strategy research, technology, and other resources to leverage in their campaigns. We
are an outcomes-driven team with clear measures of success, performance management systems, and rapid promotion opportunities for people who excel in their work.