A portfolio is more than just a container full of stuff. It’s a systematic and organized collection of evidence used by the teacher and student to monitor growth of knowledge, skills, and attitudes in a specific subject area.

- L. Varvus, Put Portfolios to the Test

As we more fully embrace our North Star and transition to the Broader Outcomes, we have the responsibility to move beyond the myopic scope of standardized assessments to understand our progress towards our North Star and the Broader Outcomes. Portfolios have been used in many communities (artistic, educational, business) to help make sense of incredibly complex endeavors. We hope to do just that with our corps member portfolios. 

To ensure that we use portfolios responsibly, we have established these Portfolio Guidelines:

  • žPortfolios are imperfect collections of artifacts that tell elements of a complex process. 
  • žPortfolios shed light on growth, loss, and stagnation. 
  • žPortfolios give insights into truths, but are not truths themselves. 
  • žStories that come from portfolios are influenced by the story-teller, and thus are subjective. 
  • žPortfolios are valuable tools used to inform instruction and fuel reflections. 
  • žAll corps members are expected to have a Portfolio that reflects the fullness of their vision. We think for many, this might be the Broader Outcomes. 
  • žPortfolios are uploaded by CMs quarterly.