Welcome to the 2014 Corps Winter Retreat!

Just like the Spring Retreat, this weekend is not designed to replicate our programming at PD Saturdays. Instead, we are hoping that through separating ourselves from the hectic schedules we have as partners in this work, we can examine the mindsets, beliefs, and feelings that guide our actions so we can move closer to embracing the entirety of our North Star. There have been a few changes to our retreat structures this year, so please take some time to review the updated locations, times, and attendance expectations. 

What we hope to accomplish: 

Undoubtedly we are all at different places in this journey, but through engaging in retreats throughout our time together, hopefully we can cultivate a different Intentionality where we define who we aim to be as leaders and the orientations we as individuals need to embody to maximize the impact we wish to have, Self-awareness where we recognize when we are and aren’t operating the way we wish and analyze what pushes us towards or pulls us away from becoming that leader, and a Set of habits where we figure out what we do about these pushes and pulls so that we can become the leader we aspire to be. At this retreat, we have planned experiences around three central priorities:

  • CONNECT - We will bond with each other over shared experiences and values, and strengthen the collective spirit of the 2014 Corps.
  • INSPIRE - We celebrate the amazing progress we’ve already made, we will fuel our belief that change is possible, and we will remind ourselves that we can be the ones to do incredible things with students.
  • LEAD - We will deepen our understanding of why we are called to do this work.